Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Got Comments, Suggestions?

Did you know that Steenbock Library has a suggestion box? Feel free to drop a note there anonymously should you wish to share information with us regarding your experiences with our facility, collections and services. Recently, we received a very kind note from a student who indicated that despite the long hours he/she had needed to spend studying; it was nonetheless a pleasant experience at Steenbock. We are grateful and pleased that this student found our library accommodating and comfortable.

A while back, we had received the suggestion to adopt a cat for the library. While many of us would enjoy the comfort of a pet, we need to be mindful of the many people who visit the library--and the extent to which a cat, or other pet, could create distraction and/or aggravate any health concerns is the reason we cannot pursue this particular request. But, we may be able to do other things to make your experience here a satisfactory one.

In addition to our suggestion box (located on the small table across from entrance, beneath display monitor) or even replying to this blog post, there are other means by which to share information with us.

If you wish to make a purchase recommendation for books and journals, be sure to complete our online recommendation form.

Additionally, you may send us email (particularly if you would like a reply), phone or speak with a staff member or liaison to your academic department. Contact us with your questions, concerns and suggestions!

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