Friday, July 19, 2013

School Supply Drive

Pencils, glue and notebooks!  UW-Madison Day at the State Fair will be an opportunity to donate school supplies to Milwaukee-area students. By bringing a new school supply item to a Fair admissions gate, you will receive $4 off adult admission until 4:00 PM.  

If you are unable to visit the State Fair during UW-Madison Day (August 7), please do consider making a donation.  Drop-off a new, unopened school supply item in the donation box at Steenbock Library (second floor entrance-level) before August 7.  We will make sure these items make the trip to the fair collection site.  See the list of necessary school supplies.

Thank you for your contribution to this effort.

UW-Madison Day at the Fair (Aug 7)

Save the date! Come celebrate UW-Madison’s history and tradition of service by visiting its Wisconsin State Fair event, Wednesday, August 7. Located on the fair ground’s Central Mall, the "UW-Madison Day" will feature staff and alumni demonstrating their expertise and inviting fair-goers to "jump around" and experience all that the university has to offer--whether that be to pose with campus personalities (Bucky, perhaps?!) or to witness the Wonders of Physics, among other activities and amusements.

Be sure to look for your Steenbock librarians and their campus library colleagues! We will be on hand to distribute some library-themed fun and to answer your questions about how you may visit and access library resources.

Your attendance at the fair can also serve to benefit Milwaukee-area school-children.  Bring a new, unopened school supply item to an Admissions gate.  Those donating to this school supply drive will receive $4 off adult admission until 4:00 PM.

For more information about UW-Madison Day at the State Fair, visit this page.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Get your Gatsby On!

Vintage fashion is all the rage.  Find inspiration from the pages of the library’s selected titles featuring fashions and interiors from the Roaring Twenties.  Browse these books at our entrance level display table or from your desktop with our Pinterest board, "Fashions from The Great Gatsby".

With thanks to Rebecca L for sparking the Gatsby in all of us with this selection of texts and board.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Takes a Licking!

As temperatures climb, what better way to beat the heat than to pick up some ice-cream from the Babcock Dairy Store?! Conveniently located in our neighborhood, the Dairy Store supplies its signature ice-cream (standard, feature and super-premium flavors), milk, cheese and other treats. Additionally, a deli-counter prepares coffee, breakfast and lunch items.

Enjoy your break and we will see you back at the library (where, incidentally, we have books on ice-cream production and its culinary use).  Run a search in the catalog or ask your librarians for assistance should you wish to browse these titles from our collections.

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Harvest Handouts

Enjoy fresh, locally-grown produce from the F.H King Student Farm! 

Every Friday, beginning at 1:00 PM (June-October), student farmers distribute their produce, free, to students and UW-Madison community members.

In order to transport harvest handouts from the Eagle Heights farm location to the distribution site on East Campus Mall, the students are using Full Cycle Freight bikes and trailers.

To learn more about the Student Farm, the F.H King Students for Sustainable Agriculture and their events, projects and opportunities to visit and volunteer, visit the Website and follow them on Facebook.

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Bibliometrics & Citation Analysis

Are people discovering and reading the research I have published? 
Will publishing in a particular journal be advantageous to me as I move forward in my career? 
How can I determine whether the buzz of the social Web has impact?  

If these questions concern you, we invite you to learn more about measuring the impact of your work by reviewing the Libraries’ research guide to Bibliometrics & Citation Analysis.

This guide supplies information and links to both library-licensed and freely-available tools for journal, author and article-level metrics or, in other words, tools that enable researchers and librarians to identify core journals and to assess the visibility and influence of authors and articles published within them. 

There is also growing interest in what we have come to call "altmetrics" that look to measure how social media informs scholarship via formats in which references to research can be tabulated (be they "likes", "shares", "bookmarks", or other).  Visit the tab to "Alternative Metrics" should you wish to explore how these interesting measures may tell a more comprehensive story of your research endeavors.

Librarians are happy to assist you with using these bibliometric tools.  We invite you to schedule an opportunity to consult with us.


Browse Steenbock collections with Pinterest!  Library staff is merrily "pinning" to connect you with selections from our stacks. In keeping with the summer mood, take a peek at our newest boards.

Learn more about consuming, growing and preserving small fruit, try mixing a refreshing cocktail, or other beverage, during a hot afternoon, or simply enjoy time appreciating what is local, seasonal and sustainable. 

Speak with your librarians for assistance in retrieving these titles and more.  If borrowing from UW-Madison Libraries is not an option for you, be sure to look for available library copies using WorldCat (catalog).