Thursday, September 28, 2006

Find Information about Journals & Magazines

Use the Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory to find descriptive information about magazines and journals.

From the E-Resources/Article Databases gateway, find Ulrich’s by name.
Search Ulrich's for a journal or magazine by title.
Click title link to view a detailed record.

The Basic Description Tab supplies information about the journal or magazine including publisher, frequency of issue, language of text, and refereed (or peer-reviewed) status.

The link to “Table of Contents” supplies the table of contents to a range of volumes. (You can even run a simple topic search there within the contents of that journal).

The Abstracting/Indexing tab will list databases that can be searched for the contents of the particular journal or magazine. Speak with a librarian or run a database name search in the E-Resource/Article databases gateway to see whether campus libraries have access to the database.

Find It with Google Scholar

Users of Google Scholar will be pleased to note that retrieval will now include a link to Find It at UW Madison. If you are using Google Scholar from an on-campus location, following the Find It at UW Madison link will map you to local holdings for the particular item—either in full-text online or as available in print from campus libraries.

If you are using Google Scholar from off-campus, select Scholar Preferences from the Google Scholar search page, and type the name of your library in the Library Links section. (Note: A simple search here for Wisconsin will supply you with several UW library choices--select University of Wisconsin-Madison). Click Save Preferences in order to generate an active Find It at UW Madison link.

Do note that selecting a link to a full-text article from off-campus will require you to login with your UW-Madison NetID. For information regarding off-campus access, see: