Friday, September 10, 2010

Pyramid of Conservation

The state of Minnesota’s power utility, Minnesota Power, maintains an online guide to improving home energy efficiency—a "Pyramid of Conservation". As a useful construct on its Power of One; One Home site, the Pyramid demonstrates the principles guiding wise energy use and steps one can take, with increasing attentions and investments, to achieve its apex where alternative energy solutions may be put in place.

Of related and local interest, Madison Gas & Electric and Focus on Energy supply guides and tip-sheets for home and workplace energy-saving efforts.

And, should you wish to get started on assessing your own home energy use, be sure to check-out one of the portable energy meters available from Steenbock Library. While there has been considerable demand, please do not hesitate to add your request to the queue by using the "Place Request" feature from the MadCat record.

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